Market dispute worsens

Still no weekly market in Nerja and the situation appears to be worsening after attempts to procure an alternative location, either in calle Carabeo on on the Rio Chillar riverbed, have apparently failed.

The street traders were once again outside the Town Hall yesterday for their regular weekly protest and the general mood was one of despondancy. Attempts to persuade private landowners in calle Carabeo/Los Huertos and the Rio Chillar riverbed to cede plots of land for use as a market site seem to have failed.

In addition, the head of the Market Traders Association (AVAM), Juan Rojas, says they have received a fax from the mayor of Nerja, José Alberto Armijo, threatening to revoke their licences and that there will be no negotiations so long as the protests continue.

Juan Rojas, in a radio interview, accused the mayor of having no interest in a weekly market in Nerja.

Both sides in the dispute are awaiting a decision by the Administrative Court in Málaga regarding an action brought by the Market Traders Association challenging the market move.

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