If you’ve got it, flaunt it

What is the world coming to? This one from the Daily WAG and Cleavage (formerly the Mail, but they seem to have an obsession at the moment).

Before the latest ‘I’m a celebrity (???)….Get me out of here’, not many people would have known who Nicola McLean was. Probably a lot still don’t! Well, she’s the WAG of Peterborough United player Tom Williams if you didn’t know, and, like many before here, and no doubt many after her, she is seeking fame and fortune through displaying her ample, and in this case, surgically enhanced, chest.

What really took the edible substance this week was her comment as to why she was so bubbly during the show:

It’s my boobs’ first birthday today and I’m so excited

She’s even given them names, Pinky and Perky! Showing them off to her fellow contestants (and any potential advertising or modelling agencies watching), it prompted them to burst into a chorus of ‘happy birthday’.

It’s entertainment, I suppose, but some of them do take themselves rather too seriously…

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