Council and Market Traders sign agreement

marketagreementRepresentatives of Nerja Council, the Market Traders Association and the Union CC.OO have signed an agreement which should see progress towards the return of a market to the town.

The meeting was attended by the Councillor for Markets, José Miguel Jimena Ortega, head of the Market Traders Association, Juan Rojas, Union representative María Luisa Expósito and two of the market traders.

An agreement was signed to set up a committee to work towards getting everything ready to reinstate the market. The committee consists of:

  • The Councillor for Markets
  • The Councillor for Security
  • The Councillor for Infrastructure
  • The Councillor for Tourism and Trade
  • The Councillor for Residents
  • A Union representative
  • Head of the Market Traders Association
  • Three other representatives of the Market Traders

And we all know that a camel is a horse designed by a committee.

As far as the Almijara site is concerned, it needs repainting to mark out new, larger stall plots to include space for the vendors’ vehicles, preparation of the roundabout for access purposes and allocation of parking facilities.

No firm date has been given for a reopening of the market but the market traders themselves are hoping that the works can be carried out with haste so that they can set up for business on the Tuesday of Semana Santa.

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