Suspected case of ‘swine flu’ in Algeciras

There are now eight suspected cases of ‘swine flu’ in Spain, the latest being in Algeciras. The others are in Bilbao, Valencia, Almansa (Albacete), two in Girona, Barcelona and Teruel.

A 22 year old woman returned from a trip to Cancun, Mexico, on April 21st. Two days later she visited the Health Centre where she was diagnosed with a mild case of flu. Under Health Ministry guidelines, antiviral treatment was administered and the woman wasplaced in quarantine at the Hospital Punta de Europa in Algeciras for further observation.

The Ministry of Health has identified all the people who came into contact with the woman since the onset of the symptoms in order to administer the appropriate antiviral treatment and maintain a constant monitoring of their health status.

All the cases in Spain are merely ‘suspected’, there are no actual ‘confirmed’ cases of ‘swine flu’.

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