The mysterious orange slick

An mysterious orange slick has been making its way along the coast in recent days and yesterday, much of the water at Torrecilla beach was affected.

In principle, this phenomenon appears to be natural and almost certainly non-toxic, although no-one really seems to know for certain exactly what it is.

According to the Councillor for Beaches, Jonathan Méndez, he was informed by an expert from the Junta de Andalucía that the phenomenon was to do with spawning in some fish species combined with seaweed and contained no toxins and was not hazardous to humans.

Juan Jesús Martín from the Aula del Mar, on the other hand, believes it may be a form of ‘marea roja’ (except it’s orange), the toxic substance which forced a ban on mollusc fishing in Málaga province. In this case, it is linked to an algae and the warming of the sea water.

Francisco Pastor, a fisherman in Caleta de Vélez, is absolutely convinced that the phenomenon is spawning anchovy and is caused by the shells of the fish eggs.

So now you know!

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