Teenagers in Andalucía

The University of Jerez has been carrying out a study of teenagers in Andalucía and some of the results are quite disturbing.

In the age group 12 years to 15 years:

  • 35% consume alcohol on a regular basis, very often as part of the ‘botellón’ culture.
  • Almost 50% take a mobile phone to school, despite the fact that this is actually prohibited by law.
  • Two-thirds have witnessed an assault at school.
  • One-third do not believe that threatening a teacher constitutes ‘violence’.
  • One in four did not use any form of contraception during their first sexual experience.
  • 19% made use of the ‘morning-after’ pill, shortly to be available over the counter in chemists.

The authorities, quite naturally, are a little concerned about the results of this survey.

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