Prize winners

prizesIs it a bird? Is it a plane? No way Pedro. Faster than a speeding pullet, it’s Councillor for Traditional Fiestas, Charo Villasclaras Martín, awarding the prizes for the May Crosses (May 3rd) and San Isidro (May 15th).

And the winners were:

Best ‘Arropía’

  1. Club de Equitación
  2. Hotel Playa Maro
  3. Residents of calle La Parra

Best Cross

  1. La Maquinilla
  2. Peña Nerjeña
  3. Residents of calle Cristo and calle Carretas

Best Children’s Cross (sponsored by the British Lions)

  • Samuel Herrero Fernández

San Isidro Prize Winners (riders)

  1. Maribel Jimena
  2. José Méndez
  3. Francisco Muñoz
  4. Sebastián Treviño
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