Car bomb kills National Police officer in Vizcaya

A bomb placed under a car in Vizcaya has exploded, killing the occupant of the vehicle. The explosion occurred at 09:05 this morning and is presumed to be the work of ETA. The deceased was an inspector in the National Police, 49 year old Eduardo Antonio Puelles García.

A limpet bomb was apparently placed under a car this morning and at 09:05 it exploded, killing the driver. It wasn’t until the blaze had been extinguished that the identity of the victim was discovered. The body was totally burned and it wasn’t until a woman arrived on the scene stating that the victim could be her husband that his identity was confirmed.

Eduardo Antonio Puelles García, who lived in Arrigorriaga, was born on January 20th 1960 in Baracaldo. He joined the National Police in 1982 and in 2002 was promoted to Chief Inspector.

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