Offenders to have it cut off!

It may turn out to be a long sequence of unfortunate coincidences, but it does seem that every time the unelected Mandy meets with anyone, UK government policy changes.

Last week a Lockerbie bomber was released, this week it is a change in government proposals which would see offenders having it cut off!

Following a meeting in Corfu with Hollywood mogul David Geffen, he ordered civil servants at the Department of Business , Innovation and Skills to toughen up the proposals on illegal file-sharers. Now, offenders would be sent a warning letter and then, if they persisted, they would have their internet connection temporarily cut off.

The French tried this approach, but it was kicked out by their highest judicial court as being unconstitutional.

Copyright and piracy is at the forefront at the moment, with several countries taking action against illegal file sharers. Pirate Bay in Sweden is a prime example in recent months. However, several questions do arise from this latest move, although the answers are probably quite obvious.

If all this time and money can be spent tracking, tracing and cutting off the connections of individuals sharing a music or film file, why can’t anything similar be done about paedophiles using the internet for their vile purposes? At the very least they deserve to have their connection cut off!!

Why is the unelected Mandy, several times shamed and involved in shady deals, having any say whatsoever in the running of a country?

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