All very Pythonesque

Alcaucín is a small town, population roughly 2,400, where only seventeen percent of the inhabitants are under the age of twenty.

At this moment in time, there are no pregnancies in the town and only three children have been born in the municipality during the past sixteen months. The population of this small town is actually in decline.

Of the three babies born in the past sixteen months, only one has been named Isidro after the patron saint of the town. This could have something to do with the fact that the other two babies were girls, although they could have become Isidra, the female equivalent of Isidro.

It is thought that the financial crisis has also been a factor in the lack of procreation and, with fewer births than normal in the town, the Brotherhood of San Isidro (la Hermandad de San Isidro) decided to try and do their bit.

In April 2008, the Brotherhood launched an initiative both to increase the birth rate and to encourage the use of the name Isidro as only two people bearing the name live in the town. Anyone giving birth and registering their child with the name Isidro (or Isidra) would receive a cheque for €500.

The Brotherhood requested a grant from the Ministry for Equality and Social Welfare for their scheme and so now, the Ministry contributes €250 and the Brotherhood pays the other €250 .

Easy money. Just name your child Isidro and a cheque is delivered immediately.

In May 2008, Isidro Díaz Zúñiga became the one and only child (so far) to benefit from this scheme. He was actually born six months before the implementation of the scheme, but after discussions between the Council and the Brotherhood, it was decided to give the family the money anyway.

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