New Festival Committee in Maro

Each year, the end of the Feria de las Maravillas in Maro heralds the ushering in of a new committee to organise festivities in the village until the next feria.

The new committee is traditionally chosen by the outgoing committee, and so it was this year. In the event of there being no candidates, the committee would be appointed by the Nerja Council.

The new Junta de Festejos de Maro 2009/2010 is: Rafael Pulido, Antonio Arrabal, José Luis Pulido, Plácido Vera Gálvez, Antonio Gálvez Ruiz, Miguel Muñoz Gálvez, Lucas Atencia, Jorge Juan Zorrilla, Manuel Melguizo, Pepe Gálvez, David Ramos, Rafael Pulido Gálvez, Paco Villena, Manolo Moreno Casanova, Javier López and Antonio Gallardo.

The next festival in Maro is the Fiesta de la Castaña y el Boniato (Festival of the Chestnut and Sweet Potato) which takes place on October 31st. A very good little festival, by the way.

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