Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye

The Nerja Council has issued a proclamation relating to the rules and regulations for those operating stalls, booths or fairground attractions at the upcoming feria, which is October 9th to October 12th.

  • All booths, coomercial enterprises and attractions must possess and prominently display a valid municipal licence.
  • All attractions, booths and food and drink vendors must comply with the normal standards of cleanliness and each is reponsible for cleaning their own premises and adjacent area.
  • Waste must be put into large, strong plastic bags and deposited in the on-site rubbish containers between the hours of 06:30 and 10:00 each day.
  • The parking of vehicles should only be undertaken in the parking lots established for that purpose and the movement of vehicles on the feria ground itself is prohibited after 11:00.
  • All booths must have a minimum of two fire extinguishers (so two it will probably be), visible at all times.
  • Each licensee is required to provide a copy of its insurance policy covering third party liability.
  • The volume of music shall not exceed 90 decibels and is subject to a reduction when proceedings are taking place in the Caseta Municipal.
  • Regarding public safety, the Local Police may perform any checks they deem necessary to prevent the carrying or using of weapons or to prevent aggression in the street or in any establishment.
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