Ombudsman to investigate shooting incident

The Office of the Ombudsman for Andalucia, headed by José Chamizo, has opened an investigation into the death of a young man who tried to stab a Guardia Civil officer at a police checkpoint.

The investigation has been opened on behalf of the family of the deceased, although apparently not at their direct request.

The incident took place on the A-4 in the direction of Madrid, two Guardia Civil officers spotting a car zig-zagging along the road. Deeming the driving to be negligent and a potential danger to other road users, the officers signalled him to stop with siren and flashing lights.

The driver ignored the request and accelerated away. A few kilometres further on the car did stop and the driver got out brandishing a knife. The driver began to attack the police officers, ignoring requests to desist.

Finally, the attack was ended when one of the officers drew his weapon and shot the man in the lower abdomen.

The driver, a Moroccan national, was given First Aid until an ambulance arrived and was then transferred to hospital where, a few days later, he died from his injuries.

The Ombudsman has requested all the relevant paperwork from the authorities in Sevilla.

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