Two Iberian Lynx die within twenty-four hours

The deaths of two female Iberian Lynx within a period of 24 hours in Doñana effectively means the loss of 10% of the breeding population of this critically endangered species.

The two dead animals were named ‘Centaurea’ and ‘Bruma’, aged four and five years respectively. Both had given birth to litters in the Spring and were considered highly valuable for the future of the feline population in the area. Their loss also reduces the genetic diversity in the Doñana area.

First indications are that one of the cats died from indigestion after eating two rabbits, the remains of which were found in her stomach. The reason for the second death is as yet undetermined.

The linx population in Doñana is estimated at 51 individuals, including 19 territorial females and 18 cubs.

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