The Iberian lynx is thriving in Andalucía


Once on the list of endangered species, Spain’s native Iberian lynx population is now thriving in Andalucia thanks to a European Union and Spanish government programme. In 2004 only 94 of the wild cats were living in Andalucia. That number has now grown to 461 and includes an increase in breeding females. Back in 2002, the native lynx was only …

A bad year for the Iberian Lynx

It has been a bad year for the critically endangered Iberian Lynx, the worst for two decades with 28 of these cats being killed.

Two Iberian Lynx cubs born in Portugal

Good news for a change with two Iberian Lynx cubs being born in captivity in Luso, Portugal, after Spain provided the centre with a five year old female by the name of ‘Orange Blossom’.

10 Lynx expected to die this year from chronic renal disease

The program to save the Iberian Lynx, the most critically endangered species on the planet, is set to suffer a setback as 10 of the 70 cats are expected to die within a year of chronic renal disease. There are a further 14 animals suffering from the disease, discovered in 2009, and 4 animals have already died from the disease.

Two Iberian Lynx die within twenty-four hours

The deaths of two female Iberian Lynx within a period of 24 hours in Doñana effectively means the loss of 10% of the breeding population of this critically endangered species.

Body of Iberian Lynx found in Villamanrique

Experts from the Ministry of Environment have located the body of a female Iberian lynx, thought to be pregnant, on the Algodonera-Laguna road in San Lázaro in the muncicipality of Villamanrique de la Condesa, Sevilla. All the signs indicate the animal was hit by a vehicle.