Plan to reintroduce the Iberian Lynx into Portugal

The first of sixteen Iberian Lynx has arrived in Portugal in an attempt to re-establish this critically endangered species after it was declared extinct some thirty years ago.

The Iberian Lynx is arguably the most critically endangered species on the planet, with only around 300 specimens in the whole of the peninsular, many of these having been being bred in captivity and living in specially protected area.

Spain and Portugal signed a protocol of cooperation on July 28th to preserve the Iberian lynx, one of the stipulations being that the Portuguese centre at Silves joins the network of sites where the wild moggy is being bred in captivity.

The Portuguese specimens will eventually be released into the wild after a breeding programme has been carried out.

The first to arrive in Portugal is a 4 year old female by the name of Azahar. Four more will follow on October 30th.

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