Ronda and Plan Zapatero

Ronda is set to receive €3.849,000 under the FEIL (plan Zapatero) and €899,000 from the Junta de Andalucia under the Programa de Transición al Empleo (plan Proteja), one of the main projects being the construction of a new sports complex in La Dehesa.

The sports facility, which will be next to the Virgen de la Cabeza schools, is budgeted at €1,005,000.

Also planned is a €600,000 investment to demolish the old Concepción military barracks and use part of the 5,000 square metre plot as a free car park. In the future, there may also be a 600 place underground car park as well as a new Town Hall.

The initial cost of demolishing the old barracks was set zt €300,000, but this has since doubled as a result of having to remove 3,800 square metres of corrugated iron containing asbestos. Strict rules govern the removal of toxic materials, and they are costly.

A new cibercentre is to be built in the San Rafael area at a cost of €500,000, several areas, such as San Francisco, will be ‘revitalised, new lighting will be installed in many of the darker areas of the city to help improve the ‘image’ of the city, the Local Police will receive €200,000 for a new, modern communications system, 21 areas will see the introduction of, or improvements to, the underground rubbish containers and €170,000 is destined for improvements to disabled access to historical monuments and other sites throughout the city.

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