Family fight leaves two dead

A 21 year old youth in Barcelona stabbed his girlfriend’s father to death during an argument and then he himself died after plunging from the roof of the building.

The incident occurred in calle Joan Coll de Granollers in Barcelona at around 10:00 on Friday morning.

The youth, 21 year old E.V.A., was arguing and then fighting with the father of his girlfriend, a discussion which resulted in the father receiving several stab wounds.

When police arrived on the scene, they found the body of E.V.A. on the street and the body of the father in the stairwell. Two possibilities are currently being investigated.

One theory is that E.V.A. killed himself after the fight by jumping from the building, the other is that he was pushed. It is possible that E.V.A. was pushed from the building during the thick of the fight and that the father, badly wounded, tried to make his way out of the building via the stairs.

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