Early electioneering?

The national deputy of the Partido Popular in Málaga, and former Health Minister and Mayor of Málaga, Celia Villalobos is the latest to announce that if the PP wins the regional elections in 2012 then several ‘important’ projects for Nerja will be ‘unlocked’.

She announced that if Javier Arenas becomes President of the Junta de Andalucia then the POTA (Plan de Ordenación del Territorio de la Axarquía) will be amended to allow the proposed golf course in the La Coladolla area of Nerja.

She says that the Nerja PGOU, approved by the Junta de Andalucia in 2001, showed the land in question as open to development but, almost overnight, the situation changed with the introduction of the POTA. Villalobos stated that it should not be possible for anyone to change the classification of the land just because they don’t like the project.

The deputy stated that there were other similar occurrences and accused the socialists of trying to destroy local autonomy.

In addition to the golf course (18 hole course, five star hotel and 1,000 luxury homes), other projects that would be unlocked would be a train service along the eastern end of the Costa del Sol and the reopening of the Paseo de los Carabineros in Nerja, a walkway closed seven years ago following landslides.

Suggestion: Put the golf course on the backburner, abandon the rail link (costly due to the difficult terrain), postpone the marina (just look at Marinas del Este) and BUILD A SEWAGE PLANT. Not much to ask for.

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