New PGOU for Comares

The new PGOU (General Plan) currently being drafted for Comares includes plans for the construction of 405 homes during the coming years, of which 165 will be subsidised VPO or VPP dwellings.

Torrox Council proposing to amend PGOU

Torrox Council is proposing to modify the PGOU (General Plan) to allow construction on both sides of the road connecting the A-7 with the N-340,  between Barranco Plano and the coast. This area is currently classified as specially protected and cannot be developed, something the Council wants to see changed.

New decree affecting coastal municipalities in Andalucia

The Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucia has approved a legislative decree on urgent measures needed to bring urban planning in the coastal municipalities in line with the sustainability requirements of the Spatial Plan of Andalucia (POTA). This means the precautionary suspension of the processing of all projects relating to urban land where they do not conform to the requirements for …

Council cancels PGOU contract

The Council has approved a motion to terminate the contract with the team conducting the review of the PGOU (General Plan) as the project has been shelved. The agreement to end the contract was mutual, therefore the Council will not be liable for the payment of compensation.

Council approves the shelving of a new PGOU

As expected, the majority PP government passed the motion to suspend the production of a new PGOU, something the Council believes will save them €400,000. The motion to freeze rates for 2013 and increase taxes based on the Consumer Price Index was also approved. This will mean a rise of 1.9%.

Council proposes to shelve work on new PGOU

Nerja Council is proposing to halt work on the new PGOU (General Plan) for the municipality. The processing of the new plan, the basis for all development in the town, began in 2004. The Council has given three main reasons for this decision.

Rincón de la Victoria renews discussion over new PGOU

The PP government in Rincón de la Victoria is continuing its efforts to gain the approval of the Junta de Andalucia for a new PGOU (General Plan), the current Plan being from 1992 and only partially adapted to the Law on Urban Planning in Andalucia (LOUA).

Amendment to Torrox PGOU

Torrox Council has approved an amendment to the PGOU (General Plan) relating to the use of communal urban land for public interest or social purposes. The provisionally approved amendment will permit the development of public projects such as funeral homes, petrol stations, recreation and leisure areas and the opening of small hotels.

Councillors meet with provincial delegate for the Environment

The Mayor, José Alberto Armijo, and the Councillor for Environment, Nieves Atencia, have been meeting with the provincial delegate for Environment, Francisco Fernández España, to discuss, once again, the PGOU, the Rio Chillar and the protected Maro-Cerro Gordo area.