The battle for the Caves

The Council has now filed an appeal with the Court of Contentious Administration to officially suspend work on the Museum project, maintaining that the procedures relating to a loan obtained from the Cajamar bank contained ‘irregularities’.

The manager of the Nerja Caves Foundation (and Opposition PSOE leader) Ángel Ramírez believes this to be yet another attempt to stall a project which is good for Nerja and is finally about to be completed. He points to the attempt to stop the building of the footbridge to the caves and the ten month delay in issuing the building license for the museum as examples.

Ramirez acknowledges that there may have been some ‘flaws’ in the procedure but these were, according to him, attributable to the State Attorney and have since been rectified.

The PP spokesman, José Miguel García, stated that the loan was illegal and that the Council is keen to ensure that no denuncias are issued once this final stage of the project gets underway as this would inevitably cause delays and other problems.

The battle for the caves really began to hot up after the Nerja Council ceased receiving its 10% of revenues from ticket sales.

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