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Nerja Green PartyThe Nerja Green Party was only formed one month ago but they have already been active, protesting about the planned cutting down of trees in calle Chaparil. This from the Green party themselves:

With the chant “Nerja trees will not be moved” The Green Party organised a march last Sunday, May 30th, through the streets of the town to protest against council plans to cut down more than 100 trees in calle Chaparil. The species of tree in question is a type of Cork Tree that brings a lot of shade and oxygen.

The demonstration was a success and many people joined us.

The event was promoted by The Green Party in Nerja. Spokesman Antonio Puerta has declared that “the green winds blowing across the European Union have come to the famous Balcon de Europa in the town of Nerja”

The newly constituted assembly of the Green Party in Nerja has been very active from the beginning and is willing to defend municipal policies to fight against wastefulness.

“It is interesting that in all coastal municipalities governed by the popular party they have just planted palm trees, Arenas can perhaps explain why,” says Antonio Puerta

Nerja ‘Greens’ are going to continue to take steps to avoid this nonsense and environmental attack. They agree with repairing the street but not cutting down these trees.

We will continue the campaign with photos stuck on trees for people who want to go prevent them being chopped down . There are already 50 photos stuck on trees and the campaign will not stop until every tree is adopted by a person.

Yesterday, we decided to create two forums on facebook and tuenti: one in defence of the trees and the other to allow our citizens to voice their opinion in Nerja and not to continue allowing the Town Hall to make unilateral decisions of this magnitude without taking into account the opinion its citizens. We will bring together different ideas from all the people of the town in a different way. The forums allow people to express their opinions which is what we want.

Also yesterday we started a campaign to collect signatures to give support to the two forums.

The first development that has emerged is a committee for anyone who wishes to join together to develop an agreed proposal for the street in respect to plant life. Around 10 people from this committee will visit the Town Council later this week or early the following to learn firsthand from the Town’s Council. Our proposal will give a period of one month to inform the citizens on the internet and we’ll then go to meet with the project managers.

If we do not get a consensus agreement with the town council we will deliver all the signatures collected by the delegation to the Ministry of the Environment in Spain as a citizen complaint.

We urge the council to launch an educational campaign to raise awareness in local schools of the area in respect of plant life and its importance.

Green is a European Social movement, political, cultural and human that is trying to respond to the current climate. Since this is not just an economic crisis, it is also social, human and political crisis.

The group of Nerja Greens will prepare a report within a year by April 2011 outlining the conclusions and experiences with the management of these forums that will be adding more around different themes and issues in global and local. The public will make the media …

We want to encourage participation, bring politics closer to citizens and prepare decisions and proposals from everyone …

Saving Chaparil trees is a small but grand gesture to save the planet. Act local, think global

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