Projects shelved in Torrox

The current economic crisis, particularly affecting coastal towns which became dependent upon the construction industry after the building boom of the past decade, appears to have resulted in the shelving, at least temporarily, of two major projects in Torrox.

In the air at the moment is the planned construction of a 250 bed private hospital in Calaceite, a project agreed in principle with a German investment group. However, liquidity problems and lack of credit mean that this project will not be starting as planned, if at all.

Also in the air is the planned construction of a luxury hotel on land currently occupied by homes of teachers from the colegio público Colina del Sol. The Council has spent the past few months trying to reach a financial agreement with the teachers to vacate their homes so that the land could be sold.

Once again, the group intending to build and manage the hotel were apparently unable to obtain credit for the project.

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