Improvements to the Colegio Santísima Trinidad in Sierra de Yeguas

The company Ingeconser has been awarded a €2.2 million contract to improve the educational facilities in Sierra de Yeguas, renovating the existing building and constructing a new section to house more classrooms.

Colegio Santísima Trinidad currently uses a number of prefabricated buildings for many of the 350 local students.

The new building will consist of three distinct wings, one for kindergarten, one for primary and another for other common services.

The kindergarten, on one floor, will have six classrooms with their own toilet facilities, an outdoor play areas and another classroom for those with special needs.

The primary area, covering two floors, will have 12 classrooms, four smaller rooms for group activities, a computer lab and multipurpose room, library, resource room and toilet facilities on both floors.

The common services area composes a storage area, toilets, changing rooms for non-teaching staff, a room for cleaning equipment, bathroom facilities and a waste disposal area. In total, the new building will have a floor space of 1,877 square meters.

In the  existing buildings, the reform will consist mainly of the replacement of timber and sanitation in the area used by the directors and management, general improvements including a garden and play areas and the construction of a covered porch.

The completion period has been set at nine months.

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