Torrox Council not happy with works in Plaza de la Constitución

The renovation of Plaza de la Constitución in Torrox Pueblo has been a long, drawn-out saga with, as yet, no end in sight, although the square itself is finally fully open to the public.

Numerous problems along the way have meant that the works have taken over a year to complete. Or are they complete?

According to the consortium carrying out the works, Grupo Comsa, they have fulfilled their obligations and Plaza de la Constitución is, as far as they are concerned, finished.

The Council, however, has not officially taken over the works as the municipal technicians report numerous glitches. In addition, Grupo Comsa has not received around 70% of the final budget for the works, estimated at €1.15 million.

The Council is intending to meet with the contractors on Monday to give them one last chance to remedy the situation, otherwise the Council itself will take charge of the works and open proceedings to clarify what has happened and municipal technicians will then determine what has gone wrong and will correct it.

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