Nerja Feria programme

Councillor José Miguel García has promised a good but austere feria this year with the emphasis on performances by local artists and groups. In addition, and for the first time, there will also be activities in Plaza Tutti Frutti. The programme of events is:

Friday October 8th

20:30 – performance by the Municipal Band

21:00 – pregón by the Coro Rociero de la Peña Nerjeña

23:30 – Gala for the election of the Reina de las Fiestas y Caballero de Nerja 2010 in the Caseta Oficial, with performances by the Academia de Baile de Elena, Academia de Baile de Juani and Academia de Baile de Silvia. Entry = €10

Saturday October 9th

12:00 – In Plaza Tutti Frutti, a performance by La Carpa” followed by the election of the Reina y Caballero Infantil.

14:00 – In the Caseta Oficial, the election of the senior Reina y el Caballero and performances by Alalba and Pacoyo.

00:00 – In the Caseta Oficial, a tribute to Spanish pop with Modestia Aparte, Miguel Costa (from Siniestro Total), and Manuel España (from La Guardia).

Sunday October 10th

13:00 – Feria procession starting from the Parque Verano Azul.

19:00 – Mass in the iglesia El Salvador

20:00 – Transfer of the statues back to La Ermita. Firework display in Plaza de la Ermita.

23:00 – Music in the Caseta Oficial with Dúo Compás and Alalba.

Monday October 11th

22:00 – In the Caseta Oficial, choral performances by Cosas Nuestras from La Herradura, La Amistad from Frigiliana, El Sarao from Nerja and la Peña Nerjeña.

Tuesday October 12th

02:00 – In the Caseta Oficial, a rock concert with Nación Zero, Organized Confusión, Locura Precoz, Spencer and L.A. Cría.

Wednesday October 13th

Children’s Day. Half-price rides for children from 16:00 to 22:00.

There will be various musical and dance performances in the Caseta Oficial each day from 14:00 until dawn.

In Plaza Tutti Frutti, activities will start at 12:00 and end at 20:00. There will be a unified music system and there will also be performances by the band Luna Flamenca.

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