Public Holidays 2011

The holiday calendar for 2011 lists 12 national public holidays plus one day, April 21st, which is a holiday everywhere except in Cataluña. This is one less day than in 2010.

Jan 1st: Año Nuevo – New Year

Jan 6th: Epifanía – Epiphany

April 21st: Jueves Santo – Maundy Thursday (All Spain except Cataluña)

April 22nd: Viernes Santo – Good Friday

August 15th: Asunción de la Virgen – Ascension

October 12th: Fiesta Nacional de España – Spain Day

November 1st: Todos los Santos – All Saints

December 6th: Día de la Constitución – Constitution Day

December 8th: Inmaculada Concepción – Immaculate Conception

There will also, of course, be various ‘local’ public holidays.

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