Restoration of the Caminito del Rey

Málaga Provincial Council is to finance a project to renovate the Caminito del Rey (King’s Highway), a famous walkway along and through the Los Gaitanes Gorge in Ardales. The walkway has been closed for a long time as it became far too dangerous.

The Council are hoping to put the contract out to tender in mid 2011 and the completion period for the works has been set at three years.

Once finished, the area will also have parking areas, information and viewing areas and a small museum.

The video. in Spanish, outlines the proposed plans to restore the walkway as a great tourist attraction in the province.

  1. Peter Wilkinson says:

    I have longed to be able to walk this route but have taken the advice that it is at present impossible as being unsafe and highly dangerous.. I wonder if any of your viewers have heard about The Millenium Walkway at New Mills along the River Goyt in Derbyshire, England. The structure is bolted to the rockface and although a shorter distance than The Caminito Del Rey it was constructed to enable the gap in the riverside pathway to be reopened. From the video it appears that the design is similar to that at New Mills. I look forward to the reopening of the new Caminito Del Rey.

    • Lynne Hanson says:

      I sure do know it – I used to live in the centre of New Mills. It is a wonderful structure. At the end of the festival in September the walkway is lit with candles and people walk along it and through The Torrs with the lanterns they have made in the summer, there then follows an evening of musical entertainment in The Torrs (under the arches if raining!).

      I don’t know about the walk you refer to though.

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