Strange ending…

New Year, NerjaAt least the rain stopped and the skies cleared for the New Year celebrations on the Balcon de Europa.

There was a good crowd, although by no means as packed as it used to get in years gone by. You could even get a drink at the bar virtually without having to wait in a queue.

Not sure what happened with the firework display, though. It certainly seemed to me, and quite a few others, that it ended rather prematurely for some reason.

The display began as normal with the smaller fire works and then the sky was lit up with the bigger ones. Then, as the crowd was busy ooohing and aaahing and eagerly awaiting a stunning finale…it suddenly stopped.

It took just about everyone by surprise and there was five or ten minutes of almost absolute silence before Los Hados Negros decided it was time to start strumming. Most strange.

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