More fireworks…

And here are some more firework photos from last night courtesy of Matt Ives.

Fireworks confiscated

Guardia Civil officers have so far confiscated 20,906 fireworks in Andalucia during the festive period, a special unit having been set up to control irregularities in the manufacture, sale, transport and storage of fireworks.  Eight establishments have been sanctioned for possessing illegal products, products without proper documentation or storing too many fireworks.

Over 22,000 fireworks seized in Huelva

A Chinese national in Rociana del Condado, Huelva, has been sanctioned after 22,695 category II and III fireworks were found in his bazaar.

Strange ending…

At least the rain stopped and the skies cleared for the New Year celebrations on the Balcon de Europa. There was a good crowd, although by no means as packed as it used to get in years gone by. You could even get a drink at the bar virtually without having to wait in a queue.

New Year firework displays

Here is a small collection of New Year firework display videos from: London, Sydney, St Petersburg, Dubai, Tapei, New York and Rio de Janeiro.

Dangerous pastime

Police in Guadix, Granada province, have arrested a 41 year old employee of a fireworks company who was hurling large fireworks at a petrol station in avenida Olmos. The Guardia Civil heard blasts at 06:00 in the morning and rushed to the scene where they found the man hurling firecrackers.