Andalucia and TV and internet

The latest survey (June 2010) by the Audio Visual Council of Andalucia shows a lot of interesting information about how much television is watched, how many homes have internet and the fact that the vast majority want to see less advertising on TV.

Andalucians watch an average of 2 hours and 32 minutes of TV each day and listen to the radio for 2 hours and 7 minutes.

61% watch the TV for news and information, 59% for fictional programmes, 34% for ‘entertainment’ programmes and 22% for sports programmes.

99.7% of homes have TV, 80.1% have radio, 72.1% have a landline, 92.3% have a monile and 77% have DVD equipment.

48.4% of homes have internet access (national average is 54%), 49.2% have a desktop computer (national average is 51.3%) and 30.3% have a laptop or netbook (national average is 34.7%).

85.4% believe that the amount of advertising should be reduced, 81.7% believe there should be tighter controls on content and 52.3% believe that adverts aimed at children should be prohibited.

Hear hear. Twenty minute (+) commercial breaks (34 consecutive ads) have put me off watching some channels, although they do, literally, give you time to go shopping!

60% of people say they cannot read the small print of advertisements, 50% believe the volume is turned up for the commercial breaks (definitely) and 40% believe the advertised products do not match reality.

63% of people want to see advertising banned on public television.

92.2% use their mobile phone for information and entertainment and 83.7% use it for internet access.

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