Getting connected

A report by Eurostat, the EU’s statistical agency, shows that more than 100 million European Union citizens have never been online. In the UK, Martha Lane Fox has been given the task of getting the 8.7 million adults in the UK who have never used the internet to go online for the first time and recently launched a campaign, part …

Friends of Henchidero WiFi network in Antequera

The acting Mayor of Antequera, Ricardo Millán (PSOE), has announced the Friends of Henchidero WiFi Network, providing internet access to participants in various local training programs as well as to visitors, hikers, walkers and local residents.

Easter, trees and parking…

The former internet place in calle El Barrio, Locutorio El Barrio, is currently being prepared for new owners. The new business is going to be….an internet locutorio.

Internet red light district

Icann’s governing body has given the green light to new suffix that will enable creation of a new internet domain specifically for pornography. Three years ago, the same idea was blocked by the same governing body. .xxx adult entertainment domain approved by internet regulators

Prostitution network broken up

Eleven people have been arrested in Madrid in connection with a prostitution network being controlled via the internet.

Andalucia and TV and internet

The latest survey (June 2010) by the Audio Visual Council of Andalucia shows a lot of interesting information about how much television is watched, how many homes have internet and the fact that the vast majority want to see less advertising on TV.