Easter, trees and parking…

The former internet place in calle El Barrio, Locutorio El Barrio, is currently being prepared for new owners. The new business is going to be….an internet locutorio.

The Easter celebrations got off to a great start, good crowds and very good weather, despite some gloomy predictions. Quite an influx of visitors to the town in the past couple of weeks and a lot of tour groups passing through.

The recently planted bottlebrush trees on avenida mediterraneo are now all in full bloom.

Bottlebrush tree, Nerja

The decision, after all these years, to turn the Los Huertos de Carabeo area into a paid parking facility was a bit of a surprise and one that has caused a lot of comment. All the more strange as the area is earmarked for development under the proposed new PGOU (all hail and genuflect).

The plans seem to be for housing (where is the demand?), a municipal car park and maybe even a new Town Hall (the ‘old’ one isn’t that old and why do council officials always have to have new and luxurious offices when so many other projects are more important?).

Far more surprising is the announcement that the area behind the Mercadona is going to be developed into a free car park and 250 free parking spaces are going to be created in El Chaparil.

As has happened in other municipalities, policy up until now has been to close down the free parking areas, even ordering owners of empty plots to wall off their land to prevent parking, in an attempt to force people into using the municipal facilities. Makes sense, from a Council point of view.

So why the sudden change? The number of complaints by local residents? Unlikely, complaining doesn’t usually have any effect.

Could it be the upcoming elections? Surely not!!! If the proposed Health Centre ever gets built, the parking behind the Mercadona would probably disappear anyway. It disappeared temporarily when the project began in the area but then restarted when the Health Centre project went pear-shaped.

Given that dividing the area into individual parking spaces is going to be an expense, how long after the election before the car park becomes paid? It would have to be a respectable/plausible period, but the cynic would say that it is just a matter of time.

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