Digital Health for Alfarnate and Comares

Users of the Health Centres in Alfarnate (1307 people) and Comares (724 people) can now take advantage of the Digital Health Record to obtain prescriptions and make doctor’s appointments. This can be done either on the internet or via sms messages from mobile phones.

Blackmailer detained in Aljarafe

A 24 year old has been arrested in Sevilla after allegedly coercing a woman to undress in front of a webcam and then blackmailing her with the resulting video, threatening to publish it on the internet.

A higher calling

If you happen to be strolling up Mount Everest and feel the need to make a call, check your email or tweet about the Yeti you’ve just seen, it is now possible.

Organic solution to a problem

An unemployed malagueño, now divorced, with no money, homeless and forced to sleep on the couch at his sister’s home, is taking an unusual route to overcome his financial problems.

The tragic side of modern life

A South Korean couple were so addicted to the internet that they let baby, only three months old, starve to death while raising a virtual daughter online. The couple spent twelve hour periods in a local internet cafe raising and nurturing an online virtual baby but only fed their own premature baby just once a day. The father, aged 41 …

Frustration ruled…

A very strange day with the internet yesterday, or at least with the Telefonica broadband. Slow to exceedingly slow, some websites unobtainable, interrupted signal. Must be what it’s like to surf the net in China on a normal day. No information from Telefonica, no surprise there.

Internet rules, ok?

Pommer’s Law: A person’s mind can be changed by reading information on the internet. The nature of this change will be from having no opinion to having a wrong opinion. Here are another 9 internet related Laws and Rules…..

Freedom of speech

It would appear that Twitter, Flickr, Bing,,, Blogspot, YouTube and a number of proxy sites are all currently unavailable in China in the run-up to the anniversary of ‘Nothing happened in Tiananmen Square’.

Guadalinfo in Torrox

Torrox has become part of the Guadalinfo programme, an initiative to promote universal internet access and improve digital literacy amongst the general public and the first centre is now open.