If elections were held now

According to the latest speculative political survey conducted by CAPDEA, if elections were held in Andalucia now then the PSOE would win, seven points clear of the PP.

Corruption seen as the major factor damaging the image of Spain

A survey carried out during the first half of February by the Real Instituto Elcano shows that Spaniards believe corruption, and not the crisis or unemployment, has done the most damage to Spain’s. Fifty-two percent of those polled believed corruption to be the major factor.

Change in driving habits in Andalucia

According to a recent survey, 44% of Andalucians have changed their driving habits as a result of the financial crisis. Last year the figure was 33% who claimed to have changed their driving habits.

Viewing habits

A survey from Carphone Warehouse’s Geek Squad apparently claims that sixty-eight percent of women are now using Facebook more than traditional TV guides to dictate their viewing habits. Must say it seems more than a a little hard to believe. Viewing habits

Andalucia and TV and internet

The latest survey (June 2010) by the Audio Visual Council of Andalucia shows a lot of interesting information about how much television is watched, how many homes have internet and the fact that the vast majority want to see less advertising on TV.

Sevilla metro rated one of the best in the country

A survey carried out by Consumer-Eroski ranks the metro in Sevilla as one of the best in Spain based on general cleanliness, punctuality, safety, accessibility and provision of information.

Expected winter sales spending

According to a survey by FUCI (Federación de Usuarios-Consumidores Independientes), Andalucians are expected to spend €85 during the winter sales which start on January 7th 2011.