Gruesome discovery in Alhaurin el Grande

A local resident taking a peek in a water deposit on the outskirts of Alhaurin el Grande yesterday morning made a gruesome discovery, spotting what appeared to be a human leg floating in the water.

The discovery was made late in the morning on a farm in the Camino El Borrajo area of Alhaurin el Grande.

The police were called and, after confirming that it was indeed human remains, the Guardia Civil activated the normal protocol for cases in which a violent death is suspected and twenty uniformed officers and members of the Judicial Police arrived on the scene.

Divers were also called in as access to the remains was difficult due to the water level in the deposit. Floating remains were relatively easily recovered but the decision was taken to drain the water deposit.

The human remains are so badly decomposed that it has not yet been possible to even discover the sex or age of the victim. Forensic tests are being carried out to determine these and other details, such as whether the death was violent.

One clue as to the possible time of death is a report in October of a break in at the farm, someone forcing the lock on the gate to the water deposit.

Police are reviewing missing persons reports in the area as part of their investigation.

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