Mayor of La Viñuela resigns

The Mayor of La Viñuela, Juan Millán (PSOE), has today handed in his official letter of resignation after the courts confirmed a sentence of 15 years and six months disqualification from public office in relation to two counts of urban planning violations.

Juan Millán has ruled La Viñuela since 1995 and was in his fourth term of office.

In March last year, Millán was sentenced to 15 years and six months disqualification from office and fined of €13,500 for two counts of urban trespass through the granting of multiple licenses for buildings on undeveloped land in 2001 and 2003.

The prosecution had also originally requested a two year jail sentence, but this was later withdrawn in favour of a long exclusion from office and a fine.

After his conviction by the Criminal Court, Millán remained as Mayor of La Viñuela whilst appealing the decision of the Criminal Court to the Málaga Provincial Court.

However, his appeal was dismissed, the court ruling that Millán acted with blatant disregard to even the most basic principles of proper exercise of public power, and this has finally forced him to officially tender his resignation.

Millán still has an open appeal with the Constitutional Court.

The problems for the Mayor, or ex-Mayor as he now is, might not be over as the prosecutors office of the Department of Environment has accused him of a further six crimes in relation to planning violations and the issuing of licences.

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