New weekly ecological market in La Viñuela

A nursery in La Viñuela has organised a permanent ecological market which will be open every Saturday and will offer, besides organically grown produce, natural cosmetics, crafts and workshops for the whole family.

Miniature train between La Viñuela and Zafarraya

The railway between Málaga and Ventas de Zaffaraya in Granada ceased to operate in 1959 but a new miniature replica steam train is now operating as a Tourist Train on part of the route, namely between La Viñuela and Zafarraya.

Roadworks near La Viñuela

The A-402 near La Viñuela is cut at km 57.500 due to roadworks to repair damage to the drainage system caused by the recent storms. The works are costing €224,000.

Water restrictions in La Viñuela

La Viñuela has become the first municipality in the Axarquia to ban the use of drinking water for watering gardens and filling swimming pools, despite having the largest reservoir in the province. The reservoir is currently at 75.88% of capacity.

Former mayor of La Viñuela heads to prison

The former mayor of La Viñuela, Juan Millán, has presented himself at the prison in Alhaurín de la Torre to serve a sentence for urban planning violations.

Former Mayor of La Viñuela due to report to prison tomorrow

The former Mayor of La Viñuela, Juan Millán Jabalera (PSOE), will become the first former leader of a small town in Málaga province to a jail sentence for urban planning crimes when he reports to Alhaurín de la Torre prison on Thursday.

Mayor of La Viñuela resigns

The Mayor of La Viñuela, Juan Millán (PSOE), has today handed in his official letter of resignation after the courts confirmed a sentence of 15 years and six months disqualification from public office in relation to two counts of urban planning violations.

Remembrance marches in Vélez-Málaga

Today, Sunday, is the fifth holding of the March in Remembrance of the Victims of the Almeria Road which this year is dedicated to the villages of the interior of the area and entitled ‘Exodus from the Interior’.

Residents complain about sewage discharge near Lake Viñuela

The romerias in La Viñuela, Los Romanes and Los Gómez took place last weekend and were attended by around 5,000 pilgrims. La Viñuela Council installed several cesspools to take care of the inevitable ‘residual waters’ from mobile toilets and the like.

La Viñuela PGOU nullified by the TSJA

The Administrative Litigation Division of the High Court of Andalucia (TSJA) has declared null and void the approval by the Council of La Viñuela of their amended PGOU.