Council to create 650 new free parking spaces

The Councillor for Municipal Parking, Antonio Navas, has announced the imminent creation of 650 new parking places in the town, 400 in the area near the proposed new Health Centre and 250 in El Chaparil.

The parking bays for the area near the Health Centre will be marked out in the next few days and will then be immediately available for public use. Parking will be free.

A further 250 places will be created in calle Prolongación Antonio Millón and calle Almirante Carranza through the use of angled parking spaces rather than parallel parking. The Local Police are taking care of this part of the project.

The Councillor also announced that further parking areas are to be created in various other parts of the town.

This seems to suggest a U-turn in policy as recent actions have all been to reduce the number of free parking areas in order to encourage use of the paid municipal facilities. Cynics might be tempted to look at the calendar.

  1. Tony Slade says:

    You should send a photographer to Carabeo Parking this morning (Friday). The place is empty. I wonder where they have all gone? No doubt to congest otehr roads and spare spaces.

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