Semana Santa statistics for Andalucia

A total of 742,000 tourists visited Andalucia during Holy Week, a 4.4% increase compared to 2010, while spending remained roughly the same as last year at €358 million.

During the period the average stay in Andalucia was 6.1 days and average daily spending was €67.10. The typical budget was 40% for dining, 28% for shopping and 22$ for accommodation.

National tourism accounted for almost 59% of the visitors, 38.6% being from other regions and 20.3% from within Andalucia.

Average hotel occupancy over the whole period was 70.3%, around 3% higher than last year, with a peak in some areas of over 80% between Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday.

All provinces in Andalucia, with the exception of Jaén, exceeded 63% average hotel occupancy during the whole period and all reached 70% during the main days, Thursday to Sunday.

During that main period, the rates were: Sevilla 87%, Huelva 86.4%, Granada 83.6%, Malaga 80.5%, Cordoba 79.1%, Cadiz 74.5%, Almeria 71.3% and Jaén 79.9%.

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