One waterfall no longer worth visiting…

What a great pity. The second attempt to seal off the picturesque waterfall along the rio Chillar near the cement factory looks like it will succeed this time, being a breeze block wall topped with barbed wire.

A year or so back they installed fencing to try and prevent access but this was ‘removed’ by local residents. This time the structure is more solid and imposing, makes the waterfall not worth visiting any more.

Fenced waterfall, Nerja

The argument in the past was apparently that the engineers needed to keep changing the water filters. However, they have to be changed anyway due to leaves, dead birds and other detritus. And they get paid for it, too!

Great pity.

  1. Brita Bevis says:

    What a very sad loss… and we never got to see it, either! 🙁

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