Gasoline, NerjaThe duo ‘Gasoline’, alias Carl and Zoe, are new on the local music scene, having recently decided to move to Nerja from the UK.

Having done a brief ‘guest spot’ the other week, ‘Gasoline’ played their first solo gig at the Boatyard Bar on El Playazo beach, Nerja, on Friday June 10th.

Using a mixture of backing tracks and acoustic guitar, ‘Gasoline’ presented a wide ranging repertoire of songs from the likes of Snow Patrol, The Cranberries, Pink Floyd, Phil Collins and The Knack, to name but a few.

‘Gasoline’ will make a great addition to the local music scene.

Gasoline, Nerja Gasoline, Nerja

Gasoline, Nerja Gasoline, Nerja

Gasoline, Nerja Gasoline, Nerja

  1. ha ha…we’d only been there a couple of weeks, no clothes, borrowed gear etc etc please come and video us again now were all sorted with our own p.a lol

  2. Kirsty Paul says:

    Hello Carl I was there in August, I went to about 4 of your gigs at Los Arcos and Nerja CLub Hotel. I was the one wooing lol do you have twitter or facebook xx

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