Decline in abortions in Málaga province

There has been a significant decline in the number of abortions taking place in Málaga province, a situation directly attributed to a fall in the number of immigrant women in the province.

The decline has been between 10% and 15% according to doctor Pedro Peña, a physician at the Ginecenter and Centro 2002 and spokesman for ACAI (Association of Accredited Clinics for Interruption of Pregnancy).

During an immigration boom between 2007 and 2009, around 40% of consultations at the clinics involved immigrant women and in a study carried out in 2007, the rate of abortion within the national population was 9.6 per thousand and 30 per thousand within the foreign population.

Since that time, the number of foreign women arriving in the province has slowed considerably, thus affecting the number of abortions being carried out.

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