Chestnut production down by around 40%

Chestnut production in the Valle del Genal is expected to be down by forty percent this year, the climate being blamed for the decline.

Decline in Iberian pig numbers in Huelva

The number of Iberian pigs in the pastures of Huelva province has declined by 40% since the start of the financial crisis, from a total of 27,000 to around 18,000.

Tropical fruit production down by as much as 80%

The Spanish Association of Tropical Fruit Growers, which represents farmers in Málaga and Granada provinces, estimates that this year’s mango harvest could be as much as 80% down on last year and avocado production down by 60%.

Spending and investment continue to decline

Consumer spending and investment continues to decline, the Spanish economy shrinking by 0.7% in the first quarter, 1.7% in the second quarter and by 0.3% in the third quarter based upon the interannual rate, with GDP falling to its current rate of 1.6%.

House sales continue to decline

House sales for June, both new and used, were 25,405 units, a decline of 11.4% on the same month last year and the sixteenth consecutive month in decline.

House sales continue to fall

House sales continue their downward slide, falling by 31.8% in February compared to the same month in 2011 with 30,745 transactions. Compared to January 2012, the decrease was 7.1%.

Lowest cement consumption for 45 years

Cement consumption in Andalucia in February was 180,000 tons, 37% lower that the same month last year and the lowest figure since the 1960’s, according to the Association of Cement Manufacturers of Andalucia (AFCA). Imports of cement fell by 70% to 4,000 tons and exports fell by 18.6% to 25,000 tons.

House sales down in June

The sale of homes fell again in June for the fourth consecutive month with 28,612 transactions registered, a decrease of 22.9% compared to same month in 2010 and 7.6% down on the May figures.

Decline in abortions in Málaga province

There has been a significant decline in the number of abortions taking place in Málaga province, a situation directly attributed to a fall in the number of immigrant women in the province.