Medgroup still trying to get their money back

The multinational Medgroup has not given up the fight to get back the €15 million it paid to Nerja Council relating to one million square metres of land in La Coladilla for the construction of a golf course, five star hotel and one thousand homes.

The golf course saga with Medgroup has been dragging on for years although the Council is ever hopeful that the project will eventually go through if a PP government is elected to power and the rules are subsequently changed.

June 14th 2002: The Council auctions one million square metres of land in La Coladilla for the construction of an 18 hole golf course, 1 luxury hotel and 1,000 homes.

October 22nd 2004: Medgroup purchases the land for €15,105,900

July 18th 2006: The Junta de Andalucia approves the POTA which invalidates the golf course plan, included in the local PGOU, by changing the classification of the land to ‘protected’.

November 3rd 2006: Nerja Council refuses to repay Medgroup the €15 million.

October 2007: Medgroup take the matter to court.

July 5th 2011: The Court of Contentious Administration in Málaga dismisses Medgroup’s appeal for the return of their money.

August 31st 2011: Medgroup appeal the Court decision.

The Council is hoping that a new government will result in changes to the POTA to allow the project to proceed. A case of, if you can’t score, move the goalposts.

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