Council approves basic design for new underground car park

The Council, at least, has approved the basic design for an underground car park at Burriana beach which will be the fourth such facility in the municipality.

The car park will have three floors, hold 200 vehicles and the completion period has currently been set at 18 months.

The project is set to cost €3 million, with €2.7 million being for the actual construction and the remainder for drafting and managing the project. Financing is to be through the State Financial Fund for the Modernization of Tourism Infrastructure – FOMIT.

  1. Geoff Dodd says:

    Where is it planned to be? On the site of the current car park by the Burriana Apartments?

  2. I just hope that the charges will not be so high that it remains hardly used (like othercar parks in town) and potential visitors drive away!! . Or, that they only use it once because they cannot believe they have just paid 10 euros for parking.

    It would be better to have reasonable charges and be full of people happy to pay for the facility, than remain empty and a drain on the town.

  3. Reading recently the town hall have to find another area for the new health centre, previous site was alocated beside the roundabout top of the Burriana, but has to be re-alocated due to the original proposed site threats of flooding, so how can they possibly think an underground carpark ( at the bottom of the same hill) will not be subjected to flooding if we get a repeat storm of September 2007 ? In this storm some one died in an underground car park in Herradura or Almunecar ? we need to learn from this.

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