Love triangle ends in attempted murder in Huelva

National Police have arrested a 34 year old intensive care physician in Madrid as the alleged perpetrator of the attempted murder and illegal detention of a dentist in Huelva.

The assailant went to the home of the dentist, the current partner of his former girlfriend, and encountered him in the hallway. The assailant sprayed tear gas into his eyes and smashed the door with a hammer, hoping to force his victim into the apartment.

The attempt failed and the victim fled onto the street. The assailant also fled but a local resident, assuming him to be a thief, gave chase. As luck would have it, they bumped into an off duty policeman and the assailant was arrested.

Police initially thought it was a case of robbery but that all changed when they discovered that the assailant, a married man, had maintained a relationship with a nurse in Madrid until last December. The nurse then became involved with the dentist in Huelva.

Despite the break-up, the assailant continued to harass his former girlfriend, trying to get her to resume their relationship.

The assailant had obviously planned his actions as he had prepared a number of documents relating to various clubs and notations alluding to narcotics, these to be left behind in order to try and confuse any police investigation.


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