Another attempt to have Falangist plaque removed in Competa

The PSOE has denounced the fact that the PP goverment in Málaga has rejected a motion to urge the Competa Council to remove a Falangist monument located on the road into Competa.

According to the PSOE, the plaque violates Law 57/2007 of the Law of Historical memory as it is a symbol of Franco’s dictatorship.

The monument, located about one kilometre outside Competa, bears the name of a member of the Falange Española who “…at the age of 18 years died for God and the homeland, vilely murdered by the Marxist hordes on February 6th 1937”

…a la edad de 18 años murió por Dios y por la patria vilmente asesinado por las hordas marxistas el 6 de febrero de 1937

It also specifies that this was the only murder in the municipality during the period and ends with the statement that his death was not in vain.

The PSOE has, on numerous occasions, tried to get the plaque removed, so far without success. There have been the usual debates about whether this is a regional, provincial or municipal issue.

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