Court upholds sentence of man convicted of theft from a house in Torrox

A Málaga Court has upheld the sentence of nine months in prison for a man whole stole jewellery to the value of over €12,000 while carrying out carpentry work at a home in Torrox.

The thefts took place in September 2011, the accused taking the opportunity to steal a number of valuable objects, such as gold rings and necklaces, while carrying out work at the home. None of the jewellery has been recovered.

The defendant was sentenced to nine months in prison and ordered to pay compensation to the value of the stolen items. An appeal was lodged by the counsel for the defendant on the grounds of erroneous evaluation of evidence.

Taking into account the various different accounts of the incident given by the defendant compared to the single version provided by the victim and evidence that the defendant had been identified as the seller of some of the stolen items, the Court upheld the earlier verdict.


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