El Playazo, Blue Flag and charm…

El Playazo beach is a lovely, rustic and unspoilt area, a charm which appeals to many visitors to the town. The chiringuitos serve great food and the prices are relatively low. About the only ‘services’, though, are a few loos and a lifeguard in the summer, as has been the case for years, so one does have to wonder how it actually got a ‘Blue Flag’ in the first place.

Barbecues on the beach, poor parking, noise, difficult access from El Chucho beach, the destruction of the dirt track during inclement weather and the occasional(?) pool of effluent at the mouth of the rio Seco near the Marinas de Nerja have been the hallmark of El Playazo beach for many moons, very little has changed really.

The Council has big plans for the area, hoping to turn it into a Burriana II as far as looks and facilities are concerned, with a promenade, hotels, houses and other ‘tourist’ infrastructure. Good municipal income from building licences, of course.

Opinion, though, as far as visitors and residents are concerned, not politicians, does seem to be fairly evenly divided between developing the area and leaving it as a unique, charming and undeveloped, almost natural area.

So, which side of the fence does anyone stand: natural and undeveloped, or modern and developed?

  1. I’d prefer to leave it in its natural state – minus sewage. I love the Burriana beach but it’s nice having a real alternative. We usually stay at Tropicana and love to go over there in the evening weheas we go to Burriana during the day.

  2. Geoff Pearson says:

    I would like to see motor vehicles including motor cycles banned from the beach, and parking access from the N340. this would stop most of the erosion of the walking track and make it much safer.

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